No Jailbreak Screen Recorder – iOS??

Have you ever thought about recording your iPad or iPhone screen with out jailbreaking? Well now it is possible with Reflector. Reflector is a piece of software on your computer that mirror’s your IOS devices screen. Simply head your way to and follow the simple instructions.


I give this software 4.5 out of 5. I find it simple to use and effective. But still find the Android alternative a lot clearer and more precise. The reason this software doesn’t get 5 out of 5 is the lag between your IOS devices screen and your computer screen is a few seconds over laggy internet so if you want a live commentary you would be wise to edit your audio back a few seconds.


For this software to work you require:

  • a computer
  • an IOS device with airplay (airplay comes as default with most IOS devices)
  • Some computer intelligence
  • To follow instructions


The cost of this software is $12.99 or £8.18 in the UK. However, if you can just have a trial and renew it every week you can have it for FREE.

Make sure your device has airplay before installing. Most IOS devices have airplay but older versions may not.

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